Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

As I wrap up the weekend, I am thrilled! Why? Because I have one more day to my weekend, hooray! I don't want to say I am happy for dead presidents or anything, but I am glad we have the day off to reflect on their dedicated service...ya...and 1 more day off! On to the weekend wrap-up...

I got a few projects done, the first one was for Julz Inspiration challenge over at The Scrappy Tree, it was so gorgeous! Even though it was her inspiration piece I will post it here because it is just amazing!

Her Inspiration, isn't it yummy! my take on the inspiration is below.

I ran into the red paper in a new LSS I found along with the trim (which believe it or not, I have in red already), the lovely ceramic button was in my stash along with the sheet music and doilie. I added the white sheet music because I could just picture a white grand piano in the opposite corner and the doilie because Julz actually used one and it inspired me too :) The background paper is a coredinations paper in Lavender that I sanded and inked in teal, I think it worked, I can't even tell.

My Next project was inspired by browsing through one of my Grandmothers old sewing baskets. She had a million, which I am now lucky enough to own and treasure. In digging into it, I ran across a bunch of her miniature doilies and between the G45 papers I already had my eye on and the doilies I couldn't resist. Initially I did not use a doilie, it seemed wrong somehow. So, I posted this at TST as my weekend project without the doilie, than thought more about it. If I can't share them with others like she did with me, I wouldn't be honoring her memory very well, so I added one and a string of black pearls and captured a few new pictures. I love how the wall hanging reminds me of her passion for sewing and being the fashionista that she was, now I need to find room for it somewhere :)

I love these little paper flowers, they are so delicate and the perfect hue for the rest of the piece.

This bottom image was from a piece of Steampunk paper vs the rest from a fashion themed one but she was dark haired like my Grandmother and seems to be draping a dress form, so again, it reminded me of her and seemed to fit in.

This last picture shows one of her beautiful miniature doilies and some of the vintage pattern paper I found in her basket, back when pattern paper still meant paper you make patterns out of, for me at least :) I pleated the PP and stitched it to some lace and the image, then added the doilie, button and pearls.

Well those are the two projects I got done but I am planning another quiet day without interruptions tomorrow, so we'll see what else I get done :)

Have a lovely Sunday evening, cheers!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. It brought back so many sweet memories of my own mom and grandmother sewing and their lucious button boxes that held so much more than buttons. Be sure to let us know where you decide to hang it.

  2. They're both gorgeous K :) the card, I love that red paper and the ceramic button, really rich colours! And the wall hanging is just wonderful, I saw it before and after the doily and although it looks beautiful both ways I think it really adds something (as well as a touch from your grandmother) :) thanks for sharing these lovelies!

  3. The wall hanging is just many lovely little touches....what a lovely tribute to your grandmother.

  4. Hope you enjoyed the extra day off :)
    I am drooling over that miniature doilie K, it is gorgeous and so are both of your projects :)

  5. Ohhh - yummy projects both! Wow! I have a set of ceramic buttons still on their card, I just can't bring myself to use them....