Thursday, October 28, 2010

Save the Children-Kevin McKidd-World Pneumonia Day

Help Fight Pneumonia and support a wonderful cause!

Save the Children and Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy star and Spokesperson for World Pneumonia Day are fighting Pneumonia on Novmeber 12, 2010.

Below are small ways YOU can help to make a BIG difference!


1 Raise a Glass to Pneumonia’s Last Syrah Every time you buy a case of syrah wine, you can help get rid of a case of pneumonia.

2 Ask Decision Makers to Help Stop a Killer Help us urge leaders to help stop the deaths of more than 1.5 million children each year. Send a message to your public officials today.

3 Spread the Word—No matter if you’re online, off-line or standing in line! There are many ways to build awareness about pneumonia, and we have the to assist your effort. Share and retweet messages on Facebook and Twitter.

4 Donate! Just $10 can vaccinate a child against the most deadly causes of pneumonia. You can make your life-giving gift by visiting the GAVI Alliance.

5 Wear Blue on November 12! Concerned citizens around the world are wearing blue on World Pneumonia Day to show their support for the fight against pneumonia.

Re-posting from Kevin Mckidd Online , visit to see other ways to help make a difference.

Halloween is creeping up on us....

Check out our Scrappy Tree projects for Halloween.
More to come!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vacation Part one- Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

My Husband and I recently took a long overdue (short) vacation. The plan, be BREEZY! What does Breezy mean for us? Throw crap in a bag, pick a direction to drive, don't reserve anything and stop when we see something that strikes our fancy (OR in my mind- hope that 1 or all 4 of the above don't come back to bite us.) Well in this case breezy = crappy packing, but the other three worked out. Of course the bummer for me was the crappy packing meant I brought no real pants...of any sort...seriously! the dryer...clean...but the dryer. Capri khakis...folded and ready to go...lying on my chair in my art studio. So it looked like my exercise/fat pants/studio leggings were it. At least they were black, you can dress black up or down right? The other GOOD camera. You know the one, with the zoom, that takes amazing wide angle pictures, that self adjusts pretty much everything, that I bought just for this type of occasion...ya... SO as you will see (in smaller far away form, we saw lots of nature) which this post will cover. On with the nature!

Okay so maybe not lions and tigers and bears BUT we saw elephant seals, squirrels (yes, you may have these in your local park, but these are special, hyper squirrels, that fight you for food and toy with your emotions) and best yet, wait for it...Zebra's left over from the Hearst heyday!

A few friends from Morro Bay, they were such hams for the camera!

Awww Kodak moment...Get a room!

WARNING! really bad fuzzy iPhone video!

The Elephant Seals in San Simeon, CA are always a joy to see. They are so fun to watch and admire. This big guy couldn't get comfortable, he needed more sand on him to cool off, what he didn't realize was, every time he added a spec or two to his back, the little guy next to him, got a face full of it :)

Chillin' young males waiting for the chicks to arrive.

Young male bulls practicing the art of kicking the crap out of each other to win the affections of the 500 pound hot girls.

This little guy was in Morro Bay, he looked perfectly placed, even posing nicely when I got close.

Stalker? No! He was our tour guide of the Morro rock later in the morning.


These guys are everywhere, my dog would never be able to focus here! What am I saying, I wasn't able to focus here!

And yes the Zebras left over from when William Randolph Hearst lived in his beautiful castle atop the hill.

More trip later, I hope your week is going well!

Peace out,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Scrappy Tree is Back!

Well everyone we took some time off but we are back and ready to share some Halloween goodness with you! We hope you can stop by to see our ghoulish creations and say hi!

Happy 70th Birthday John Lennon

The Crossing - Abbey Road Studios

We miss you :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life's a Beach!

My Husband is on vacation for two weeks, what does that mean for me? I may get a few things fixed around the house that have needed his attention for awhile, I will have to put up with his beard if I want a kiss and he is sure to get me to skip out on work early a few days here and there. Like today, we hit the Beach! The odd thing, it was raining. Why that's odd, I live in California and last Tuesday it was 112 degrees and humid as all get out! Today it was 66 degrees, gloomy and raining. Personally we prefer the rain over the super hot so it was a great time!

My new favorite motto out front of the famous Crab Cooker.

My parents went on their first date here and Richard and I are regular visitors :)

Smiling Binoculars

Some early Halloween decorations.

The Best job Ever!!

The wedge was flat today :( but still pretty!

Lonely beach on a overcast day

Shore birds at the Wedge in Newport Beach.

I can't resist palm trees!

Life's a Beach here! Balboa Peninsula


This is Little Corona & Laguna from across the Newport bay.

These two things do not go together...

But I LOVE Em' Both!!

Fist up, my new favorite sweater from Victoria's Secret. They are not new to the market but new to me. What I love is they are light in weight, come in a zillion different colors and can be worn in whatever way strikes your fancy! The BEST part, they are on sale for $39 bucks here! Try them, I know you will love them!

Next up, my favorite time of year is the Fall. I think because I live in California, the slightest hint in a change of the weather beyond the normal bright and sunny, gets me excited! Don't get me wrong, bright and sunny is good but there is nothing like feeling a brisk chill across your cheeks as you stroll through a park with orange, yellow and brown leaves falling at your feet. Okay, that sounds a bit like a scene out of Harry met Sally but, you get the idea.
And with Fall comes my favorite holiday, Halloween! The first up to kick off the holiday season. I know it's not a real holiday but that's what I like about it. No stressful shopping, overcrowded parking lots, or the ridiculous pressure of gift giving (okay, so I focused on the negatives there but I obviously love spending time with family and eating way too many home-made sweets :) But Halloween! It's time to use your imagination, thinking of that perfect costume that will properly represent your alter ego and then challenging yourself to create it with a role of tape, a yard of spare fabric and some pipe cleaners. As much as I love to create and design, I do it for others, dressing up is not really for me. What is for me, exciting and scaring the kiddies ! Every year, I break out the decorations, plan a party or a haunted house (that depends on the Husbands mood and how much I exhausted him the year before) and set up my new favorite Halloween tradition...Hallowindow!

I discovered it while surfing YouTube one year looking for ideas, and now it's a must every year. Check it out!

You can purchase the DVDs and see others here: Hallowindow - Mark Gervais

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This or That...hmmmm

The new cricut, holy cow!! I am still drooling from watching the youtube video...

Apples iPad, just a bigger version of what I already use but very tempting...

I hope Santa thinks I have been a good girl this year :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Random stuff to appreciate...

Happy Saturday All :)

I am back again with more random stuff, mostly because I am still not quite up to speed or at least compared to that computer in my head that makes internal lists and notes the things I have to do, I'm not. In reality, I am starting to think that list is indeed not reality and I should go back to the good old fashioned paper list that lets me mark things off and feel good when I accomplish something, no matter how small. Anyway...
I have yet to finish two of my three projects, I haven't visited and caught up with my blog reading in waaaaay too long and find myself surfing the internet looking at random things for way more time than I have...BUT on a positive note, that means, I do have one project to post, which in turn means I have more time to catch up on my blog reading and a few pictures from the web to share, so enjoy!
My Twinchies for the Sheilas monthly exchange, our theme was "School".

My Husband helped me with this one when I asked, "How can I replicate a small two inch ruler?"
His lighting fast response, " Popsicle stick."
My stunned answer, " Brilliant!"

I don't remember the line of paper which really bums me out because I fell in love with it along time ago and now I will have to try and forget I used it so I don't get even more bummed out. Is it wrong to have separation anxiety from my scrap paper?

I absolutely love the Scarlet Lime kits, you can find them here but Christy over at the Scarlet Lime, has hit another home run with her Bead Art, check it out, here.

A couple of beautiful pictures of what she offers.

A watch with Art Beads, they come in all occasions and color combos!

Trinkets, Love them ALL!!!

This got me thinking of Halloween, so I got slightly obsessed with all of these awesome attempts at carving jack-O-Lanterns. I really need to brush up on my carving skills...

Check em' out here

A few of my favorites

This one is very Nightmare before Christmas, one of my favorite movies ever! I just love how a sometimes scary topic like Halloween (or at least here in the states) was turned into a fun, entertaining story about a town full of people who just wanted to learn how to show love better and thought they had to change who they were, to do it.

And don't ask how I got here but yes, David Beckham, just because...

Soccer legs are always good :)

Have a Great Day!