Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hi all,

Another week almost done...yippee!

I am looking forward to a heart free weekend in my re-inspired studio. I can't say re-organized, cause I really only moved a handful of things and then added a few pieces into the crazy, so it's still a work in progress. Of course my husband's response was, were are you going to add anything more...silly silly man, there is always more room for artsy stuff :) The goal was to kinda free up some space for more books but also to clean up some messy flat surfaces and add a few Christmas gifts into the room. I finished all but my main storage shelf (which is where the books will go) and even tackled my closet. Now beware, I say I actually finished but it's still really cluttered, I have a lot of stuff!! Also note, this is the only room in the house that is this crazy, I promise!

These are corner shelves I put up to store some of my nicer beads because they were taking up a bunch of counter space on my main storage unit. They are shiny and pretty and are nice to look at. Then above, I added a few knick knacks to go with the travel theme in the room. I love this elephant, it's from the Aladdin show premiere we did at Disneyland, I think it was a center piece, now it's just an elephant holding a glass candle holder :) As far as the oriental inspired mug and the feathers, they just seemed to fit.

These shelves are constantly bugging me, I have way too much krap on them and they always look messy, so I bought some of the bare wood organizing boxes and sorted my journaling tags, my T!m Holtz stuff and my metal findings. That helped a little, then I added the piece of dowel to the shelf hinge and was able to use a few large stamps, that don't really fit in a drawer anyway, to decorate a bit with. I think the twinkling lights from my friend Andi are the best feature :)

This was a lantern I got for Christmas and we hung it from the ceiling to free up some counter space. It's kinda fun and lights up the whole ceiling when lit.

My Husband hit a home run with this one, I had pointed it out during a shopping trip and he actually took notes and went back and got it. The dress form barely fits without touching the ceiling but I love it!

I will post a picture of the main storage when complete. For any Michaels fans out there, they have some really fun Paris and garden/spring themed items in the store right now, that is what sparked this whole project, check it out!

I also wanted to share my WCP Wednesday challenge from the Scrappy Tree with you, I changed it a bit and hope you feel inspired to play along. This month were are creating ATC's and using the colors below as inspiration. Check out more details on TST blog or at our Scrappy Community.

Don't forget to check out the charity auction on eBay! We have some things closing soon!

Have a wonderful Friday!



  1. Can I come live with you? Seriously???

  2. I love your stuff! I eally love the dress form :)

  3. Your room is gorgeous! Especially the wooden boxes. I think those are cool. You could totally alter them to work with your space too! I'm with Gayle. I wanna move in! LOL

  4. I love seeing where others create - you have a beautiful craft space.

  5. I always love having a peek into friend's craft rooms. Thanks for the little tour!

  6. I love your space so much. Since you say you have so many things, do you think you'll notice when I move into your closet? I am in love with your dressform and your room is so you!! Love it!

  7. I love snooping round other people's craft spaces! Thanks for sharing yours xx