Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hi all,

I finished a few gold inspired ATC's for my WCP Challenge and played with some new toys/techniques while I was at it.

Soar ATC

Supplies used

The first was darker than the sample gold I introduced to you all but that was because I used a great new paint I found (new to me, not the market) It's a liquid acrylic (liquitex and FW make great colors). They come in a bottle with a dropper. What makes them great is they are dilluted so they are much thinner to work with. For the first card I covered the whole card in a layer of Acrylic Kaiser- yellow, FolkArt metallic inca gold and Golden Transparent yellow iron oxide, then used an iridescent rich bronze liquid acrylic by liquitex. I started small by dabbing a few drops and ran the color up and down the card, then went the other direction. That's when it turned darker than I wanted but hey it was fun to play. While the bronze was still wet, I took some small hole screening and laid it over the card to create some small circle patterns in the paint. It worked perfect! I then used a quickie glue pen in some of the holes on the screen and added some 24kgold sparkly fluff by craft lounge. The sprakly fluff was another toy I bought awhile ago but hadn't tried out yet. I love the look of it but it was like flocking powder, a bit brighter in the bottle than on the project but it added some shine and texture. I then added some doodling, metal findings, from who knows where (probably from Dime store emporium, my fav Etsy store), a few pieces of baker twine, rhinestones, tape border and lastly inked the edges. No wonder this one is not my fav, it just sounds busy :)

Mediterranean Ceramic ATC

Some supplies used

This one was much easier :) The ceramics of the Mediterranean inspired this one and the color base ended up much closer to the Gold I chose as the color. I applied it with the pink paint roller seen in the other picture above and the same yellow acrylic by Kaiser. They was a bit of Inca gold added. I then added a few rub-on's by studio 112 and the bottom border is Basic Grey as well as the star. Then I ran fired brick over the whole thing to warm it up, inked the side of a blank ATC card and added the green ink border lines, then a bit of doodling and a few rhinestones.

Crazy Bird ATC

My last and perhaps my favorite. I started with the same yellow base which quickly disappeared when I added the cute birdie and the crazy jungle looking rub-on flowers around him. They are all Basic Grey and the bright colors reminded me of the original gold that had inspired the challenge. I added some broken china Distress crackle paint in the corners and sanded them a bit and added a few rhinestones just because :)

The whole group of ATC's and supplies.

(Not pictured; Basic Grey and Studio 112 Rub-on's)

Visit; for the metal findings.

I really had fun with these, just getting dirty and playing with some new toys and techniques, I hope they inspire you too!

Have a great Sunday, Go Packers!



  1. They've turned out favourite is the first one.

  2. Oh wow! These are gorgeous! I made one and now I'm embarrassed to show it! Awesome work K!