Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts and Flowers...

Valentines Day for me this year was somewhat tainted, mainly due to being surrounded by an extreme number of hearts in all different shapes and sizes, but also being so busy leading up to the actual day, I had no time to figure out what, non girly, less than lame thing I could give my hubby. Both of these things had me really worried , I was convinced I would not have a good day regardless. For some reason instead of over thinking it, I made a card, which always calms me down. Feels good to get creative! Then I bought my hubby something totally not lame, Elvis Costello tickets! I knew he would love them.

The card for the hubby.

I also had fun making Whoopie Pies...okay not really, it was actually kinda traumatizing. The reason being....

Looking at this freaky looking batter!!! It is a box mix of Red Velvet cake, but all it reminded me of was ketchup and blood, two of my least favorite things! Not very relaxing baking but they turned out kinda cute and I listened to some new music while I baked, so it worked out.
This is the box, from Michaels of all places, ya probably not the best place to buy a mix but the box was cute so it sucked me in....
The end result was a lot less ketchup and bloody looking, so we did enjoy tasting them and boy they were rich but not bad for a mix in a cute box.

Our actual date night was sushi and a movie (the King's Speech). The sushi was awesome, the movie was also awesome. The best part of my day was coming home to beautiful red Tulips from my daughter and gorgeous red roses from my valentine hubby, he is so sly. So in the end, my Valentines Day turned from hearts to flowers, a great day :)

Here are my lovely tulips from my DD...

My beautiful Roses from the hubby :)

I hope your day was spent with a Valentine or loved one.

See you soon,

K xx


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day in the end...don't we all so often worry for no reason!!

  2. Your Valentine's Day sounds lovely!! I'm glad your whoopie pies turned out well! We tried pink pancakes in one of those cute boxes! The card you made is very nice! Now, just about a year until you see more hearts!!

  3. Oooooh...I love Elvis Costello! And the card you made for your hubby is really nice - I'm sure he was pleased. :o)

  4. K, did you almost get a heart Overdose? I'm glad you were able to get a change for your actual V-day celebration with those beautiful flowers and yummy pies :)

  5. Hi Kristin, I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch - how useless am I?!

    Beautiful roses from your DH, and how sweet that your DD chose those lovely tulips for you too. Shocking colour whoopie pies!!

    Email me and we'll finally sort out that swap!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  6. I love red, especially that settee, wow! Hey, are you going to be going to Glitterfest ?