Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vacation Part one- Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

My Husband and I recently took a long overdue (short) vacation. The plan, be BREEZY! What does Breezy mean for us? Throw crap in a bag, pick a direction to drive, don't reserve anything and stop when we see something that strikes our fancy (OR in my mind- hope that 1 or all 4 of the above don't come back to bite us.) Well in this case breezy = crappy packing, but the other three worked out. Of course the bummer for me was the crappy packing meant I brought no real pants...of any sort...seriously! the dryer...clean...but the dryer. Capri khakis...folded and ready to go...lying on my chair in my art studio. So it looked like my exercise/fat pants/studio leggings were it. At least they were black, you can dress black up or down right? The other GOOD camera. You know the one, with the zoom, that takes amazing wide angle pictures, that self adjusts pretty much everything, that I bought just for this type of occasion...ya... SO as you will see (in smaller far away form, we saw lots of nature) which this post will cover. On with the nature!

Okay so maybe not lions and tigers and bears BUT we saw elephant seals, squirrels (yes, you may have these in your local park, but these are special, hyper squirrels, that fight you for food and toy with your emotions) and best yet, wait for it...Zebra's left over from the Hearst heyday!

A few friends from Morro Bay, they were such hams for the camera!

Awww Kodak moment...Get a room!

WARNING! really bad fuzzy iPhone video!

The Elephant Seals in San Simeon, CA are always a joy to see. They are so fun to watch and admire. This big guy couldn't get comfortable, he needed more sand on him to cool off, what he didn't realize was, every time he added a spec or two to his back, the little guy next to him, got a face full of it :)

Chillin' young males waiting for the chicks to arrive.

Young male bulls practicing the art of kicking the crap out of each other to win the affections of the 500 pound hot girls.

This little guy was in Morro Bay, he looked perfectly placed, even posing nicely when I got close.

Stalker? No! He was our tour guide of the Morro rock later in the morning.


These guys are everywhere, my dog would never be able to focus here! What am I saying, I wasn't able to focus here!

And yes the Zebras left over from when William Randolph Hearst lived in his beautiful castle atop the hill.

More trip later, I hope your week is going well!

Peace out,

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