Tuesday, October 5, 2010

These two things do not go together...

But I LOVE Em' Both!!

Fist up, my new favorite sweater from Victoria's Secret. They are not new to the market but new to me. What I love is they are light in weight, come in a zillion different colors and can be worn in whatever way strikes your fancy! The BEST part, they are on sale for $39 bucks here! Try them, I know you will love them!

Next up, my favorite time of year is the Fall. I think because I live in California, the slightest hint in a change of the weather beyond the normal bright and sunny, gets me excited! Don't get me wrong, bright and sunny is good but there is nothing like feeling a brisk chill across your cheeks as you stroll through a park with orange, yellow and brown leaves falling at your feet. Okay, that sounds a bit like a scene out of Harry met Sally but, you get the idea.
And with Fall comes my favorite holiday, Halloween! The first up to kick off the holiday season. I know it's not a real holiday but that's what I like about it. No stressful shopping, overcrowded parking lots, or the ridiculous pressure of gift giving (okay, so I focused on the negatives there but I obviously love spending time with family and eating way too many home-made sweets :) But Halloween! It's time to use your imagination, thinking of that perfect costume that will properly represent your alter ego and then challenging yourself to create it with a role of tape, a yard of spare fabric and some pipe cleaners. As much as I love to create and design, I do it for others, dressing up is not really for me. What is for me, exciting and scaring the kiddies ! Every year, I break out the decorations, plan a party or a haunted house (that depends on the Husbands mood and how much I exhausted him the year before) and set up my new favorite Halloween tradition...Hallowindow!

I discovered it while surfing YouTube one year looking for ideas, and now it's a must every year. Check it out!

You can purchase the DVDs and see others here: Hallowindow - Mark Gervais

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