Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Random stuff to appreciate...

Happy Saturday All :)

I am back again with more random stuff, mostly because I am still not quite up to speed or at least compared to that computer in my head that makes internal lists and notes the things I have to do, I'm not. In reality, I am starting to think that list is indeed not reality and I should go back to the good old fashioned paper list that lets me mark things off and feel good when I accomplish something, no matter how small. Anyway...
I have yet to finish two of my three projects, I haven't visited and caught up with my blog reading in waaaaay too long and find myself surfing the internet looking at random things for way more time than I have...BUT on a positive note, that means, I do have one project to post, which in turn means I have more time to catch up on my blog reading and a few pictures from the web to share, so enjoy!
My Twinchies for the Sheilas monthly exchange, our theme was "School".

My Husband helped me with this one when I asked, "How can I replicate a small two inch ruler?"
His lighting fast response, " Popsicle stick."
My stunned answer, " Brilliant!"

I don't remember the line of paper which really bums me out because I fell in love with it along time ago and now I will have to try and forget I used it so I don't get even more bummed out. Is it wrong to have separation anxiety from my scrap paper?

I absolutely love the Scarlet Lime kits, you can find them here but Christy over at the Scarlet Lime, has hit another home run with her Bead Art, check it out, here.

A couple of beautiful pictures of what she offers.

A watch with Art Beads, they come in all occasions and color combos!

Trinkets, Love them ALL!!!

This got me thinking of Halloween, so I got slightly obsessed with all of these awesome attempts at carving jack-O-Lanterns. I really need to brush up on my carving skills...

Check em' out here

A few of my favorites

This one is very Nightmare before Christmas, one of my favorite movies ever! I just love how a sometimes scary topic like Halloween (or at least here in the states) was turned into a fun, entertaining story about a town full of people who just wanted to learn how to show love better and thought they had to change who they were, to do it.

And don't ask how I got here but yes, David Beckham, just because...

Soccer legs are always good :)

Have a Great Day!



  1. Yay Kristin!! It's great to see you blogging! Your twinchies are fantastic!!! Beckham is always good to look at too! :)

  2. What a clever idea.. the popsicle sticks!! They worked great!! These are very cute!! Love all of the jack-o-lanterns!! And, yes, I have to agree about David Beckam. Thank you so much for the comments on my photos on my blog earlier!! I am so glad you enjoy them. It is good to see you blogging!!

  3. Your twinchies are ADORABLE! I can't wait to get one and see it in person.

    Did you create your blog header, or did you get it somewhere? I love it!!! Can you do one for me?

  4. I LOVE those twinchies - super paper, (and yes, I have paper in my stash I look at and stroke and then put away again because the project doesn't quite warrant using such gorgeous paper).

    Thank you for sharing Mr Beckhams legs!