Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life's a Beach!

My Husband is on vacation for two weeks, what does that mean for me? I may get a few things fixed around the house that have needed his attention for awhile, I will have to put up with his beard if I want a kiss and he is sure to get me to skip out on work early a few days here and there. Like today, we hit the Beach! The odd thing, it was raining. Why that's odd, I live in California and last Tuesday it was 112 degrees and humid as all get out! Today it was 66 degrees, gloomy and raining. Personally we prefer the rain over the super hot so it was a great time!

My new favorite motto out front of the famous Crab Cooker.

My parents went on their first date here and Richard and I are regular visitors :)

Smiling Binoculars

Some early Halloween decorations.

The Best job Ever!!

The wedge was flat today :( but still pretty!

Lonely beach on a overcast day

Shore birds at the Wedge in Newport Beach.

I can't resist palm trees!

Life's a Beach here! Balboa Peninsula


This is Little Corona & Laguna from across the Newport bay.

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