Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vacation Part Deux

Okay been slacking on the vacation part two so be prepared for a delayed vacation photo blast...

First up my new favorite place in the world, okay well in California at least; The Garden Gallery. Nestled closely to the bay itself, on Embarcadero street in Morro Bay, CA. From the outside it looks like a left over hippie retreat but once they open their doors and entice you inside with their beautiful pottery, mini cactus and wide array of statues & fountains, you will quickly forget the outer shell as you discover the inner beauty of this simple and divine place of peace and tranquility.

Not only do they grow all of their own cactus and succulents, but they pour and bake all of their own pots, create & design all of their own waterfalls, wind-chimes & art pieces and display it in such a way that makes you want to take home each and every treasure you lay your eyes on. Around every curve and corner is a new beautiful piece to discover and love. I highly suggest this peaceful wonder if you are anywhere near Morro Bay in the future.

Next up, the beauty that is the Pacific Coast Highway. We have each seen the movies that glamorize the beauty of the California coast along the scenic PCH and for once the movies are not exaggerating. From the blue coves, to the green capped cliffs overlooking the most beautiful sunsets in the world, PCH never disappoints.

We traveled about 800 miles round trip and never once regretted taking the slightly congested and curvy beach route. We were leaving Orange County, so for us getting through the Santa Monica and Malibu chaos was a small price to pay, when we met the open road after Oxnard and the gorgeous coves, cliffs, and turnouts that lay ahead. From Santa Barbara on, you really have a thousand opportunities to stop and explore, which is what we did. Often we try to find the less traveled paths to the open ocean and in this case there were many. Some less manicured beaches may not be postcard picture perfect but still left us completely alone to wander, enjoy and capture the essence of the beach, the smell of the ocean and the chance to sit back, reflect, slow down and enjoy the simple beauty.

While on our mini vaca, we decided to visit the extravagant Hearst Castle. Neither of us had been in many years but both had fond memories of our last visit so we thought, what the heck? Being a swimmer my whole life, I had a slight obsession with the outdoor swimming pool and I could not wait to attempt to capture the beauty of it in pictures this time around. We arrived late in the day and were told they were sold out ( so much for being breezy, see vacation post part one) so we hunkered down overnight in close by Cambria (which we love) and waited until the next morning to visit. Of course the morning was totally foggy and overcast,the exact opposite of the day before but we were committed at this point. Luckily for us, the second you jump aboard the Hearst Castle bus and make your way to the top of the hill, you quickly bypass all of the fog and are treated to spectacular views of the mountains and valleys that surround the castle. I seriously could spend a week here snapping photos (my hubby had to literally drag me away in the end) but here are a few of the days visit. Again, if you make it as far as Morro Bay, go a bit further to experience Hearst Castle, it is a complete treasure tucked back in the hills overlooking its vast property.

We only traveled as far north as Hearst Castle and headed back south after our visit, we had a Jack Johnson concert to get to after all (which was awesome btw.) The next morning we left for Arizona and Lake Havasu city, home of the London Bridge, the Lake and not much else...

Our trip consisted mostly of hangin' by the pool, walkin' by the lake and driving through the vast desert. Being a water person, I get a bit freaked out when surrounded by so much sandy land but the beautiful skies and mass amounts of GREEN windmills at the end of the trip, made me feel slightly more at ease.

Thanks for visiting,

K xxx

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  1. *sigh* makes me want to go on holiday!! Thank you for sharing these photos K! The pool at Hearst Castle looks amazing, so tranquil :) I love the different slideshows that you used :)