Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Randomness...

My Sunday started out with a fairly clean desk, so I thought I would tic a few things off my To Do list... turns out that list is always longer than I think it is, so I'll start with a few things and see how far I get...

I recently took a vacation, no, not that one, another one, a kinda fake one, but not really. I mean, it felt real, I traveled to far away places (via youtube videos) with great friends, experienced cranky travelers, got held up at the airport, had some fun stories to tell and best yet I didn't get felt up by the TSA agents. But, the stamps in my passport are actually twinchies and it was a virtual vacation. I have to say, all in all, it may be the way to travel in the future :) The trip could not be completed without the following awesome Sheilas, whom I hope to take an actual vacation with some day; Tonz, Julz, G, Di, Megz, Melz, Melanie, Joyce, Erica, Conz, Debz, Lori & Kelz. A few sheilas were not able to make the trip (Amber & Rob) but we hope you can join us on our next one. Thanks for the memories Sheilas :)

My Photo album cover from the trip

Our lovely destinations
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland~Eiffel Tower, Paris France~Trevi fountain, Rome Italy~Wulai, Taiwan~London Eye, England~Sugar loaf & Rio, Brazil. I can't wait until next year.

Unfortunately the below story happened toward the end of the first day of travel...

~Delayed Reaction~

My daughter was in a car accident recently and maybe because she was banged up pretty bad (a fractured sternum, bruising...everywhere and a banged up foot with staples) and we were freaked out, I didn't mention it. Now that she is on the mend, can I just tell you not all teaching hospitals have Hot Attendees and Sassy interns. I know, I know Grey's Anatomy is only a TV show, but Seriously! I would have much rather watched Cristina Yang come waltzing into the ER complaining about how boring and beneath her staples are, than the three that did stumble, literally into the room and ask if she was the one with the huge gash in her foot. Needless to say, probably not the best thing to ask my worried daughter who was convinced she couldn't breathe because her heart was broken :) Together, the three musketeers could barely figure out where the staples went, let alone how to take out the one that was put in the wrong place...whoops?! Sadly among the 10 other people that were in and out of the room, taking x-rays and poking random parts of her body, not one McDreamy or McAnything was on that list BUT we still have a daughter breathing and walking with, I am happy to report, no broken heart
and for that we are thankful :)

On the upside, the hospital had just gone through a remodel so that looked like
Grey's Anatomy :) The banged up couple
(who could not stop holding hands...awww,
young love :)
my stir-crazy husband, and pretty decor around the hospital.
*Please note, the bottom right picture was not on the hospital patient menu but was our dinner that night when we finally got home!

On to Scrappy stuff!

I cleaned up a bit in my studio which also inspired me to capture some of the happy corners of it. These are the corners that when I am stressed out and trying to BE creative, they make me smile, relax and eventually BE creative...I thought I would share a few:

My Scrappy Creation of the weekend and my new favorite corner in my studio:
My Thankful Project for The Scrappy Tree

Last, but certainly not least, my first award from my dear friend and fellow Scrappy Treeer, Gayle, who is one of the most creative people I know and I am so glad to call her a dear friend. She can, with the smallest amount of effort, make the most beautiful textured background that screams look and admire me because I'm fabulous! Check our her work here!
Thanks Gayle :)

The Cherry on Top Award;

The 3 requirements for accepting this award;

1. Post the award- ✔

2. Share 3 things I enjoy-
a. Taking pictures (good or bad) I do it all the time!
b.Being creative (good or bad) it doesn't leave my brain...
c. Spending time with the people and things I love, nice work if you can get :)

3. Pick 5 fellow bloggers to pass it on to (So unfair that we can not play tag backs here); let's see...

a. Julie- A joy to see what she creates and the Salt of the Earth!
b. Michelle- A master picture taker and professional Mom.
c. Joanna- One of the most unique scrappers I have seen.
d. Erica- Always a pleasure to see what vintage find she has up her sleeve.
e. Jennie- Always Fab! Enuf said :)

I hope you have an enjoyable week &
find that you are Thankful for the good things in your life



  1. OMG Kristin, your poor daughter - I'm so glad she's on the mend. I can quite understand you not mentioning it before, it's almost like that would make it real and you didn't want to have to cope with that too. You must have been worried sick.

    I love the idea of the virtual vacation - what fun (and cheap too!).

    Great photo montages in your post (how does she do that?!), and thank you for award - I had to check you meant me! I'll look to see what the others get up to on their blogs.

    Have a great week,


  2. What a treasury of photos! Love your travel album. The hospital photos look so sweet, even if they are in pain. I hope she's feeling better now.