Friday, April 23, 2010

Five dollar Friday!

I forgot to share my Five dollar Friday with you all. I recently spoke of me and my husband striking a deal for me to spend less than $300 on "Scrappy stuff" in a six month period.I know sounds impossible huh? Anyway, so today I needed to return some library books and that made for a beautiful $5 Friday!

My Day is shared below:

1. Library cards are awesome!
I checked out 15 Art/Craft books for 3 weeks and all for a low low price of Zero dollars.
Our Library, we are very lucky!

2. Our library also happens to be in a gorgeous park, called Central Park, so I not only took a walk and got some exercise in a beautiful setting but took a bunch of amazing pictures!!
No charge :)

3. I collected about 20 leaves, a few flowers, a couple rocks and some branches, all can be used on the mini album I need to create about this beautiful place, right? Price, FREE! Other than the price of sneezing cause my allergies were acting up :)

4. Next stop Michaels, I know I know, how can I resist? But, I did. I bought some over-sized clear pebbles for $2.99, but I used my Michaels card so I got 40% off, wow, that was a close call!!

5. City Hall, Yesterday I helped plant trees around our community for Earth Day and somehow I volunteered to help clip and fertilize roses in our community garden with the seniors. They are looking awesome now and I got to bring home a few buds to dry for future projects, Yeah!

6. Last stop, McDonald's, yep you guessed it, French fries, boy oh boy they are expensive now, but still in my five dollar budget, cool!

Well that was it, my $5 Friday :)

See you soon,



  1. Sounds like a great day to me :) love your photos!

  2. I love your $5 Friday!! It would have been so hard in Michaels!! I am impressed.