Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Fuzzy Friends!

Hello Everyone!

I am up to my eye balls in hearts, which I hope to share soon, until then, please see the post below, copied from our Fuzzy Friends challenge we are running over at The Scrappy Tree!

Have a relaxing Saturday!

Fuzzy Friends Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce our first charity challenge of the year! Today we are starting our Fuzzy Friends challenge to bring awareness to the SPCA and all the AMAZING work they do to keep animals from suffering everyday, year after year.

To learn more about their mission and how you can help in your local area, check our their website HERE.The SPCA supports so many animal programs it's hard to share them all now but their support of local shelters alone is phenomenal and what really has touched me personally.

I got my own very first dog, from a shelter and will never forget their kindness to her, their attention to all of the animals in their care and how someday I would like to volunteer and help too. So as a New Years resolution, I vowed to spend 1 weekend a month at our local shelter, to help bath and groom the animals there. My first weekend is the last Sat & Sun of Jan., so I hope to show you some of the friends I meet when the time comes. In the meantime, I will be brushing up on my bathing and wrestling skills :)

My dog was a 5 week old mutt, abandoned on the street and taken in by a local shelter. She was the best friend anyone could ever hope for. Her name was Indiana. What can I say, I was working for Disney at the time and we were opening the Indiana Jones ride, little did I know, George Lucas named Indiana Jones after his dog Indy, funny huh!

This was her, last year, around this time. She was 16 when this picture was taken but didn't look a day over 10 :) She loved running at the dog beach, chasing water and tennis balls and sun bathing outside on her blanket. We since have lost her but we will always be thankful for the time we had with her and the joy she brought to our house.

We since, have adopted our daughters Pit bull, since she moved into an apartment and can't have her there. I know what you are thinking, but please know, she is the nicest dog we have EVER had, give them a chance, please!

Meet Layla, the gentle giant :) She is 85 pounds and it's all in her legs and hips. This is her baby, Baby, a foot long black and white cow with 12 squeakies in it. When she picks it up, she actually trips on it as she tries to run :) She likes sleeping, hanging out with her baby and talking to the cat through the screen door.

Next up Knock Knock, named for his ability to do just that, on our front door, usually when he wants to talk to Layla :) He showed up at our house after a rain storm, I made the mistake of feeding him and he has been here ever since. We toyed with bringing him to a shelter, my Husband is severely allergic and I have a mild allergy but we know the shelters are packed and he will most likely be put down, so here he stays. My husband built him a house on our porch, he likes playing with balls of tin foil, sneaking into the garage and talking to Layla through the front screen door.

Okay, you've met my Fuzzy Friends, now on with the challenge!!!

We want you to introduce your animals to us and help the SPCA in the process.

Create a Layout, ATC collection, journal page or whatever you can think of and introduce us to your family of Fuzzy Friends. The winner will take home some awesome animal themed scrappy supplies, some healthy treats for your Fuzzy Friends and TST will donate $30 to SPCA international, in your name.

The challenge will run through the month of January, ending on January 29th. Please upload a link to your blog or online gallery below or upload your picture to our online Scrappy Community HERE.

We hope you join in on the fun and join us in making a difference in our animal friends lives today.

Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Oy! What a wonderful challenge! I'll definitely try to participate in this one!

    Plus, my family is with yours in Pit-loving agreement! I've had them in the past and my sister currently has Princess Nala -- Nala is a happy Pit who loves her two little girl playmates, her cat and Guinea pig friends and anyone who lets her join them on the couch. :)

  2. Thought I'd commented on this post but I seem to have dreamt it! Your Fuzzy Friends are beautiful :-) We currently only have The New Hamster, but at our peak(!) we had 2 budgies, 2 hamsters, 2 mice and a goldfish - in a flat where we weren't actually allowed to have any pets at all.....

  3. Gorgeous pics :) lovely one of Indy! xxx

  4. I love all of your photos of your pets! Thank you for sharing their stories with us.