Monday, January 24, 2011

Have you...

ever laid in bed all day and done nothing, I haven't, but I'd like to!

I have started the year as a bad blogger or rather a swamped one. What I love about December is what I am equally not fond of in January. Toward the end of November (here in the states at least) all the way through the first few days of January, everything slows down, shuts down and relaxes a bit. Maybe because we are all full of Christmas cookies and happy to be spending time with family and not at work. But then comes the second week of January and the opposite occurs! Everyone is trying desperately to play catch up on what they missed, cranky from their new diets and exercise regimes, and trying hard to not fail at their New years resolutions within the second week of the year. It's enough to make me want to design a time machine or plan all of my future vacations for the month of January so I can keep that blissful, oblivious smile on my face a little longer :)

With that said, busy equals needing to be focused, so I have actually knocked out quite a few projects recently. Unfortunately, nearly every single one of them are focused around hearts but hey hearts equal love so that's okay :) Over at The Scrappy Tree, we are running a challenge for charity, supporting Save the Child and their efforts in Haiti. Below are a few projects I have been working on to support that. Some will be auctioned off for the charity and others will be give aways on TST blog, so check it out in the next few days, we will be posting our " Create a Heart" Challenge soon, you can already reserve a "Paper Heart for Hope- Candy Gram" for your Valentine on Etsy and as we move closer to Valentines day, we will be listing all of our auction items on eBay.

A 12 x 12 canvas

A pine wood frame

A 7 inch punched wooden wall hanging

A 5 inch embellished wooden heart. I love this paper from My Minds Eye, it has to be my favorite of the season! I guess that's why I used it on a few projects :)

Another embellished pine wood frame

And another...

Some Heart charm bracelets

Another one for good measure :)

That's about all I can share so far, but remember to stop by The Scrappy Tree for the fun challenge and awesome giveaways. The folks at Graphic 45 were very generous in offering a lovely inventory of their products as the giveaway prize to the challenge and we have some other things up our sleeve to share.

My goal this make it to February :)

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  1. I love all of your heart projects, Kristin! I saw the challenge over at Scrappy Tree and plan to participate too. My favorite of your projects is that cute pine frame. I almost snatched one of those up at my local craft store last week but I passed it up...might have to go back and get it.

  2. I love all of that beautiful heartwork (sorry I couldn't resist that pun!).

    You have been a busy girl, haven't you?! Brilliant!


  3. Some beautiful pieces.....especially love the frames.

  4. oh, how lovely! I kept scrolling down thinking 'Ooh, I like this one best' then 'Ooh, but this one is even lovelier!' - I can't decide!!