Monday, December 27, 2010

The Canon Selphy ES2

Hi Everyone, just thought I would share a cool new toy with you, since many of you probably print as much as I do. It is a printer called the Canon Selphy ES2. I love many things about it. It is extremely compact, super efficient, quiet, fast and looks and works like a robot. You can plug your camera card and other cards into it directly. Another cool feature is the special effects, you can print calendars, frames, add clip-art, etc. The best thing is probably the ink/paper cartridge. It is all in one and has 50 pieces of paper with ink included, so it makes changing it out pretty simple and I think fairly economical for $24 per cartridge. My other ink was $45 for color $30 for B/W and I had to buy paper, so this is an improvement from that for sure. Anyway, take a peak, more than anything, it makes printing kinda fun :)

Have a great day!