Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's been awhile...

Okay, I have been a bad blogger...
Between the holidays, a work trip to Florida in January and an extension of that trip
for a few days of fun, Valentines Day, a crazy work schedule and an old dog, I feel like I have had no sleep, gained ten pounds and had no time to blog. BUT, I'm back with a new look and a little bit of energy...

A few projects I have squeezed in while I was away:

A few projects for The Scrappy Tree~Clockwise from left to right : Altered tag, Paper backed buttons, Wall hanging and custom glitter buttons.

A few more: Altered tag, and some acrylic tag necklaces.

They continue: my attempts at bottle cap art magnets and bracelet art using Sepia accents from Ranger, my new favorite thing! The big picture with the furry guy is my new cat who decided to help me takes some pics of my altered tags. His name is knock knock... because he knocks but we call him kitty :)

Lastly a few gifts: My friend Vety had a birthday, so the hanging mobile with clips and artwork of her family was her gift. She has two adorable twins that are very funny and full of energy, the perfect topics for many projects! The other project was for two of my favorite people that recently were engaged. I had this idea in my head forever and it seemed to take that long to finish. It is an old fashioned Jacobs Ladder that I altered with scrapbook paper and embellishments. The trick was painting it so it continued to work as a ladder. After many tries, it still functions and flips from saying Engaged to pictures of the happy couple and where they were engaged.

A few more things, our new addition or rather a new addition to our house, our Grand-doggy Layla. The nicest Pit-bull on the face of the planet. She definitely is a lover rather than a fighter and loves to chase balls and give hugs.

My Craftroom buddy Indy

One last thing and I will stop yammering on, I made three new goals:

1. Blog more

2. Wreck this Journal and share it here:

3. This one was a joint goal by me and my hubby, spend $300.00 for the next 6 months. I know! Crazy talk. But seriously, I have lots of col things I need to use up and a bunch of kits collecting dust so I may have to mention this a few times too!

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Yay! You definitely need to blog more!! If you don't keep up, I'll bug you! How about that? I can't wait to see all the great things you post here!

  2. Yeah yeah YEAH!! LOVE the new blog header, absolutely stunning! As usual totally blown away by your work :) and the photo collages, loving these too! Love it love it love it :) xxx

  3. Ooh, look forward to seeing your 'wreck this journal' too, have seen it on the net and it looks crazy!