Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Tuesday already?

After being sick all weekend I was slightly surprised to see it was Tuesday on my computer this morning, the really scary thing, I went to work yesterday!! The scarier thing...it's May too...
when did that happen!!
For me, that means, Mothers Day gifts and my hubby's b-day. (Note to self, find something to give/create for the above said events)

I made a card on the weekend, not sure when to be honest but I have to say, I'm kinda diggin' my sick work :)

The new grand doggy is settling in nicely, a smiling dog is a happy dog...right?

Until this landed on the blanket and we headed inside :(

But no fear, she quickly forgot about the bee and outdoor air and ran to see what her new kitty friend, knock knock, was up to. They have a special relationship that has recently blossomed. For the last few weeks, they have been sniffing and smelling each other under the front door. Since it's now getting hotter, we are opening the door more. I guess now will be the true test of how their relationship evolves, stay tuned! Since she has discovered she can get out the back door whenever she wants, we are watching her closely to see if she is going to do the same through the front. I'm just glad she no longer wants to eat him every time she sees him.

A new pic of the kitty that discovered what side of the flower bed to lay on to get the shade. He really loves playing with the plant on the left.

Sometimes I wish I could be entertained by swatting a plant or sniffing a new friend under the door (okay maybe not the second one) My entertainment (frustration) is getting my Macbook to connect to the TV, which is so not working at this point! Maybe I'll just head back to the craft room and make another card :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!



  1. Big hugs K :) hope you're feeling all better now! Loving your card, esp the bird and sentiment :)

  2. That's a pretty cool card for a poor sick gal! I love the red background, crown and flower embellishments. I hope you feel better soon. Those are gorg pictures of your 4 legged friends; it took our dog a few days to understand that she was NOT to eat the cat. They now have a grudging respect for each other (the cat even shouts at the dog to go and feed her - a skill the dog has yet to master!). Have a lovely week.


  3. I'm digging your sick work too!! I love that card!! Gorgeous! I hope you are feeling better! Love ya!

  4. I love the card, Kristin! And you did it when you were sick! Hope you are 100% better now! Love your dog and the kitty looks so sweet! Be well! LynnF

  5. I love your sick work!! Wonderful card!! Love the pics!! Hope you are doing well!!!